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Is your business in need of a professional and reliable IT solutions company? Digital Upgrade is Evansville, IN's foremost technology company for network configuration and repair. We offer convenient remote and on-site services; the technicians at Digital Upgrade can install and maintain your business infrastructure so that clients can focus on other areas of their business.





Digital Upgrade can ensure proper installation and functionality of your business network infrastructure. Our certified technicians configure network systems from the ground up, based on your business requirements.  We will also provide a solid cable plan for your business network. In addition to Cat 5 & 6 copper cabling, Digital Upgrade's certified fiber-optics technicians can install coax, and fiber optics. Contact us today for a free business network infrastructure analysis and quote.

Investing in your business's technology goes beyond purchasing the latest and most advanced equipment. The technicians at Digital Upgrade, have experience with business project management, large and small. We've learned that over-budget or past-due projects are due to poor business project management.  Digital Upgrade takes pride in making sure your business project is done in an efficient and timely manner.

Traveling between sites for employees to meet face-to-face is expensive and time-consuming. Business video conferencing can dramatically reduce direct and indirect costs associated with travel, whether down the street or across the nation.  It can also reduce the time it takes to make decisions, allowing your business to run smoothly and efficiently. Contact Digital Upgrade for your free quote to install and configure business video conferencing equipment and networks!



Digital Upgrade provides business telephone services with Voice Over IP systems (VOIP). Our experienced technicians understand the needs of small businesses, as well as, the traffic engineering requirements of complex business VOIP systems.


Digital Upgrade provides business WI-FI services to establishments such as hotels and restaurants, to office lobbies, and manufacturing facilities. Our skilled technicians can design and install business wireless networks that provide secure mobile access in any facility.

Remote Services

In some cases, our trained technicians can troubleshoot businesses technology issues, remoting into your business computer from our office. We can save businesses time and money by taking remote command of any troubled system. Our IT professionals can determine and fix the problem, without even leaving our location.

On-Site Visits

Our technicians can provide business on-site services to repair or configure your business systems. This convenient option allows you to focus on your business, while the professionals at Digital Upgrade take care of your technology.


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