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We make it easy for your business to create and manage your digital presence and  logistics. We can make your business more efficient and profitable. We believe in our community and want to help the businesses in it grow and expand. We use all of our talent and resources to identify areas of your business that we can streamline, secure, and promote. Your website is your digital doorstep and it can be the most important piece to acquiring a new customer or keeping an existing one.  Technology has quickly became the backbone of how effective a company can be, it can hold you back or launch you forward. Here at Digital Upgrade we believe in what you do and want to be a part of your business’s success. We grade ourselves on outcomes not on sales.


We provide our clients the utmost in customer service and IT solutions. If there is a problem, we fix it. This is why we have great customer relations and referrals. If you'd like to be part of the Digital Upgrade team, contact us today and we'll D-Up your business.

Customer Reviews

The staff at Digital Upgrade has assisted my office with our marketing and technology needs for roughly the past six months. From the very beginning, Alex and his staff provided my office with prompt and effective service that assisted us in a variety of different areas. Their one stop shop for marketing, IT support and technology consulting allowed us to bring a number of different issues in front of the same department which streamlined the process and lead to a prompt resolution to our problems.


We have been working with Charity for a number of months now specifically dealing with our marketing needs. Since we implemented the strategy Charity proposed, our office has noticed a substantial increase in volume for surprisingly less money than we were spending with YP and other marketing providers. Our office is very satisfied with the service Digital Upgrade provides and we look forward to our continued relationship with Alex, Charity and their staff.


- Steve Deig

  Owner, The Law Offices of Steven K. Deig, LLC



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